Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Training" Ride

Time: 1:20:18

Distance: 16.104 miles

Average Speed: 12.0 mph

Max Speed: 33.6 mph

Calories Burned: 518.0

Fat Burned: 50.9 g

Went on an amazing ride with my friend Brett on the south side of town. It's really windy out (55*F with winds WNW at 20 to 25 mph), but there's nice farmland out there. It was really awesome to ride with another person. We have a little different styles of riding, so it was motivating to go fast in places I may not have gone so fast and to take it easy in places I may have beat myself up to try to do "better".

We got a little lost (in fact my cycloputer turned itself off at one point when we were trying to figure out where we were... so I may have missed a section of our ride, most likely a small one), but we saw some cool stuff. We saw the Bloomington Community Orchard, lots of farms with horses and cows, some really nice neighborhoods we'd never seen. It was really great to be out.

Also, Brett says he's impressed at how I attack the hills. That made me feel pretty good. :) Although I'm impressed at the slow and steady method he takes. I feel like I wouldn't make it without that burst of momentum before the hill really starts. I'm looking forward to trying some group rides and learning more about different riding styles and bettering mine.

Also, I got my haircut really short yesterday. It stood up to the helmet test. Woot!

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