Monday, November 22, 2010

Daily Commute

Time: 35:58

Distance: 6.720 miles

Average Speed: 11.2 mph

Max Speed: 22.2 mph

Calories Burned: 200.4

Fat Burned: 19.6 g

Not too bad considering the crazy wind and last week’s vacation. :)

Also, I forgot to start the computer until after I had gone a couple blocks (which is even longer than my normal forget-to-start-the-computer time).

But, the B Line bridge is underway! I’m excited about not having to cross the street there before too long. Visibility is not that great at that intersection and it’s fairly busy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daily Commute

Yay for having a tech savvy husband! Now I know how to reset my bike computer. Today’s numbers:

Time: 34:06

Distance: 6.801 miles

Average Speed: 11.9 mph

Max Speed: 25.3 mph

Calories Burned: 211.0

Fat Burned: 22.2 g

Bonus – I made it home before dark! I don’t think I like Daylight Savings Time as a commuter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily Commute

So I’m a total nerd about the numbers, but apparently not the technology. I can’t figure out how to reset my little bike computer. Here are today’s numbers, which are actually a continuation of yesterday’s:

Time: 1:08:45

Distance: 13.514 miles

Average Speed: 11.7 mph

Max Speed: 22.3 mph

Calories burned: 426.9

Fat burned: 43.8 g

Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Commute

Time: 34:06

Distance: 6.767 miles

Average speed: 11.8 mph

Max speed: 22.3 mph

Calories burned: 212.8

Fat burned: 21.9 g

This bike computer is possibly one of the better purchases I’ve made. I’m like a total nerd, but I’m really excited to track these numbers and see how I improve. Also, who knew I could go 22.3 mph on a bike? My average speed seems low, but it can’t correct for that section where I have to walk my bike onto the path right now due to construction of the B Line trail and also, 3 miles or so of my commute is on a gravel path with dogs and pedestrians and deer and horses to dodge. Not that I’m making excuses. 11.8 mph is better than 0 mph.

Anyway, exciting!

Sunday, November 7, 2010



I’m starting this blog as sort of a biking journal. I’ve just started commuting home from work and wanted to keep track of my commutes and other bicycle travels. In the few weeks that I’ve been commuting, I’ve already noticed an improvement, not only in my actual biking but in how I feel overall. Biking is really becoming my favorite part of the day, which is saying a lot since I like my job. But I’ve already had a few interesting stories and wanted to be able to document them. Like yelling at four deer to get off my path last week. Or meeting a very nice gentleman and riding with him talking about various things, like bicycle commuting and beaver activity along the path.

I’m sorry that I’m just really getting started and it’s already November. Midwest winters can be unpleasant, especially for a misplaced Southerner, but I hope to commute until the weather completely proves I can’t.

We’ll see how this goes!