Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Commute

Time: 34:06

Distance: 6.767 miles

Average speed: 11.8 mph

Max speed: 22.3 mph

Calories burned: 212.8

Fat burned: 21.9 g

This bike computer is possibly one of the better purchases I’ve made. I’m like a total nerd, but I’m really excited to track these numbers and see how I improve. Also, who knew I could go 22.3 mph on a bike? My average speed seems low, but it can’t correct for that section where I have to walk my bike onto the path right now due to construction of the B Line trail and also, 3 miles or so of my commute is on a gravel path with dogs and pedestrians and deer and horses to dodge. Not that I’m making excuses. 11.8 mph is better than 0 mph.

Anyway, exciting!

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