About Me

Hi! Welcome to Jill on Two Wheels!

I'm Jillann. I'm a scientist who lives in Indiana. I'm married and have a dog.

Seth, Polly, and me

I hit 25 and suddenly felt very old. I had also gained some weight since getting married. I decided to start riding my bike, something I had always enjoyed doing. I started commuting home on my old mountain bike. I signed up for a spin class (CycleFit). At first it was really hard. I slowly got better. I loved it.

I saved up some money and bought a new bike, a Surly CrossCheck outfitted for road riding. I started riding around town and going on some club rides. I was getting stronger. I decided to go on a week-long bicycle tour with a group from my church following the Mississippi River Trail. I had a blast and felt like I could do anything!

My bike along the Mississippi River
With my new-found confidence, I decided to set my sights on something big. Real big. I turned 26 and decided I needed to become an Ironman before I turned 30. I had done a little Couch-to-5K training and decided I could do with running what I had done with cycling. I signed up for a local 5K race with my husband. We had so much fun! And I beat my goal! I decided I could do this.

So that's where I am now. Married, with a dog, and a love for science, and with the belief that I can be an Iron(wo)man if I try hard enough. This blog chronicles the journey.