Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brickity Brick

I'm so glad I finally got on my bike and discovered that I hadn't lost all my fitness over the winter. I love riding my bike.

This morning I decided I was going out for a little ride near Lake Monroe. I adapted the BBC Strain Ridge Old 37 route to leave from my house. Here is their route:

I left my house and headed south and east. I wore my new jersey and baggy shorts to test them out for the Hoosier Tour. (I love this jersey. The shorts are okay. Can't beat the super sale price of $16.99 that I got them for.)

I passed the Smithville Farmer's Market. I wanted to stop, but didn't have any cash, so I kept going. I enjoy riding through the little town of Smithville. I made it to Ramp Creek with no problems, having a great time! And then I climbed Ramp Creek, no big deal, like I hadn't stopped doing it for... six? months. Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long. Wow.

Anyway, I saw a deer, but the nice thing about country deer are that they see a person coming toward them and run away. Unlike Bloomington deer that just stare you down like you're out of place.

But, by far, the most important part of this ride....


My nose runs when I ride my bike, especially here in the spring, and usually I just use a bandana to blow it, but that gets annoying and it only takes like three blows before that thing is gross. So I decided I was going to master the snot rocket. I had been avoiding it because I didn't want to get it all over me, but amazingly, after studying up online, I tried it today and was successful on the first try!

A successful snot rocket!
So I just kept doing it. No gross bandana! Yay!

You may notice on my wrist, I'm wearing a Silly Band. It's the Camp Kesem mascot that I received in my 100 Miles of Nowhere kit. I'm glad I wore it. If I started feeling tired, I'd notice my little worm and think about how lucky I really am, and then sucked it up and kept pushing. So, thanks, Fatty!

Anyway, it was a really beautiful day, with great scenery. I really love that route. I did have one slight problem, where I tried to get on Highway 37 instead of Old 37, but I figured that out really quickly and corrected myself. Old 37 is deceiving every time. Those hills feel a lot harder than they look. But soon I was passing the drive-in theater and was almost home.

I made it home in 1:47, completing 24 miles at a 13.4 mph average speed.

Then I changed shorts and laced up my running shoes. I intended to run the five miles up to the Bloomington Farmer's Market to meet Seth for lunch, but got distracted by a water fountain and missed my turn and didn't realize it until I'd gone 0.75 miles in the wrong direction! Also, it was getting pretty hot (I think it reached 85*F today) and I was tired, so I just turned around and went back home. (After talking to Barb briefly, who was out riding her bike on the B Line trail.) So I ended up with a 2.5 mile run at an 11:46 min/mile average. Don't judge, it's hard to run on brick legs in the hot unshaded sun.

I'll probably try to do an actual 5 mile run tomorrow. Before the day starts baking.

And for all my hard work, I treated myself to a Thai Bubble Tea. Yum.

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