Monday, April 30, 2012


Oh, humidity. I did not miss you over the winter.

I'm really looking forward to summer (and no students!), but not so much the humidity. I was sweating before I even started running today and ended it pretty wet. I ran three miles in 33:03 for an 11:01 min/mile pace. It felt tough, but I was determined to break the 2.5 mile distance I seem to to a lot of lately. So slow, but successful.

And I saw this brain walking from the gym to lab.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


That's right. Not only did I finally get on my bike, but I went ahead and ran afterwards. Because I'm awesome. :)

I had been wanting to ride my bike, but the weather just hasn't been cooperating. It's been nice on days I have to work late and cold and rainy when I can make it out (especially on the weekends). Today I decided I was braving the chill. I figured I've ridden in cold rain before. May as well just do it. So I did.

I put on some layers and went for a really short but feels-oh-so-good to be on my bike ride. Then I shed some layers and gathered my husband for a short run.

Here we are on the Clear Creek Trail:

Seth on the run
I look like a goob

For both of these workouts I used both my Garmin Forerunner 305 and the MapMyFitness app on my iPhone. I wondered how they compared. Here's the data:

Bike: 8.17 miles at 13.6 mph average
Run:  2.30 miles at 10:53 min/mile pace average

Bike:  8.25 miles at 13.8 mph average
Run:  2.41 miles at 10:20 min/mile pace average

I feel like the bike is close enough, but the run data is a bit off. I'm going to repeat this test because I think my phone just did something strange at the beginning. Maybe I should add my cheapo magnet on a spoke bike computer too. Just for fun.

Anyway, it was an easy workout. Pretty flat. Cool weather. Pretty good for a first brick I think.

I think I'm on my way.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I did the same swim workout today as the 0 to 1650 plan calls for swimming three days a week. I think I swam an extra 50 yarder or two because I lost count and also wanted to swim one really fast. So I think I actually did at least 750 yards, maybe even 800 today. I'm looking forward to next week's 900!

I really need to sit down and figure out a running and biking plan. I like plans. I do well with plans.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Run and Swim

I went for a little run yesterday morning. I did 2.5 miles around campus. It was a little toasty. I overdressed. I did see this weird thing though. Not real sure what was going on here.

 I did the same swim today that I did on Tuesday. I had to share a lane for the first time in a long time, but I knocked five minutes off my time. I think I did less resting breathing and I guess I was a little faster. But I felt all over the place and think I really need to eat breakfast before swimming. My arms were tired after the first 100!

I am really itching to get on my bike, but the weather hasn't been agreeing with me. I might make it today though. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


That's right. This morning I made like a fish.

I found this online training plan for swimming called 0 to 1650 (via DCrainmaker, which if you swim, bike, or run, you should be reading). You can find the plan here.

Today I did Week 1 Day 1. And I totally did it. I think I did take a couple extra breaths between sets, mostly because I wasn't sure how to count them and a couple times I had to defog my goggles.

Anyway, I swam the 700 yard workout in about 25 minutes. I had to flip over to backstroke twice, once for a botched flip turn and once because a chunk of hair escaped my swim cap and tried to choke me until I stuffed it back in there. Overall I felt really good about this.

And I've basically confirmed that I need to follow a plan. I can't just make things up. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Four Mile Run and Little 500 Results

We had the mildest March ever this year, but April is bringing Spring back to Bloomington. I ran four (FOUR!) chilly miles this morning. (Again around campus because the track was closed. And to add insult to injury, it was open when I got back. But I got in a better workout because of it, so I won't complain too much.)

I started out in my SmartWool long sleeved shirt (which I LOVE), hat, gloves, and cycling jacket. I ended in just my shirt and the vest part of my jacket. And pants, I guess. :)

Here is the link to this run. I've been using mapmyfitness on my iphone. And just learned that you cannot embed those workouts to blogger. Oh well. If you follow that link, you'll see the hills I conquered and all the places I slowed down to shed a layer.

Also, Sue Aquila, local business owner (seriously, I talk about BBC all the time) and triathlete passed me right at the end of my run. I thought about running with her to ask if she would coach me, but decided against it. 

In other local news, this weekend was Little 500 weekend. (No clue what Little 500 is? Stop reading and go watch Breaking Away.) I didn't make it to the races, but Delta Gamma won the women's race and Delta Tau Delta won the men's race breaking the Cutters' 5-year winning streak.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100 Miles of Nowhere

I just signed up for Fat Cyclist's 5th Annual 100 Miles of Nowhere. I can't think of a better motivator to get back on my bike.

And, really, I know once I get on it, I'll be in love and want to do nothing else. I don't know why my activation energy to just do it has been so high!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I really wasn't planning to run today. I meant to swim. But I'm having a hard time getting to the pool early enough to bother with swimming. So I ran again today.

Unfortunately the track was closed again. I don't really understand why this school even has an outdoor track if it's going to be closed 6 out of the 8 months of the year students are here. But whatever. I turned on Pandora and took it to the streets.

IU's campus is hilly. Southern Indiana is hilly. But I busted out 2.5 miles in 26:30 for an average pace of 10:43 min/mile. Pretty good.

Also, I saw Barb driving her bus this morning and that made me happy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Run

Apparently wind and rain are more good motivators to go fast. I did a short two-mile lap around the southern part of campus this morning. It was nice because it was too early for students to be out yet. Otherwise, there's no way to run on those streets. Too crowded. Anyway, I kept up a 10:11 min/mile pace.

And I looked cute (if soggy) doing it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chilly Run

Apparently less than freezing temperatures is a good motivator to run fast! I stuck to the track again this morning (Yay for it FINALLY opening!) and ran 2.25 miles at a 9:52 min/mile pace. That is crazy fast for me, especially since I'm essentially starting over in this fitness journey.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Miss me?

I certainly have.

I ran this morning. Nothing special. Just 2.2 miles around the track. Slow (10:52 min/mile). Enough to hopefully get back on the wagon.

So, clearly I haven't updated the blog in a couple months. It's been a weird couple months. Some personal things that sort of got the better of me. But now I feel back. Happy. It's spring and I've got things to get ready for.