Sunday, April 29, 2012


That's right. Not only did I finally get on my bike, but I went ahead and ran afterwards. Because I'm awesome. :)

I had been wanting to ride my bike, but the weather just hasn't been cooperating. It's been nice on days I have to work late and cold and rainy when I can make it out (especially on the weekends). Today I decided I was braving the chill. I figured I've ridden in cold rain before. May as well just do it. So I did.

I put on some layers and went for a really short but feels-oh-so-good to be on my bike ride. Then I shed some layers and gathered my husband for a short run.

Here we are on the Clear Creek Trail:

Seth on the run
I look like a goob

For both of these workouts I used both my Garmin Forerunner 305 and the MapMyFitness app on my iPhone. I wondered how they compared. Here's the data:

Bike: 8.17 miles at 13.6 mph average
Run:  2.30 miles at 10:53 min/mile pace average

Bike:  8.25 miles at 13.8 mph average
Run:  2.41 miles at 10:20 min/mile pace average

I feel like the bike is close enough, but the run data is a bit off. I'm going to repeat this test because I think my phone just did something strange at the beginning. Maybe I should add my cheapo magnet on a spoke bike computer too. Just for fun.

Anyway, it was an easy workout. Pretty flat. Cool weather. Pretty good for a first brick I think.

I think I'm on my way.

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