Tuesday, April 24, 2012


That's right. This morning I made like a fish.

I found this online training plan for swimming called 0 to 1650 (via DCrainmaker, which if you swim, bike, or run, you should be reading). You can find the plan here.

Today I did Week 1 Day 1. And I totally did it. I think I did take a couple extra breaths between sets, mostly because I wasn't sure how to count them and a couple times I had to defog my goggles.

Anyway, I swam the 700 yard workout in about 25 minutes. I had to flip over to backstroke twice, once for a botched flip turn and once because a chunk of hair escaped my swim cap and tried to choke me until I stuffed it back in there. Overall I felt really good about this.

And I've basically confirmed that I need to follow a plan. I can't just make things up. 

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