Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day Swim and Run update

So this week's swim workout is

400 yards
200 yards
4 X 100 yards
4 X 50 yards

for a total of 1200 yards!

That is quick progress right there! And I'm really enjoying this program and having focus to know what to do in the pool.

I've been using my SportCount to help me keep track of what lap I'm on, but also I've determined that on average, it takes me about 1:10 to swim 50 yards. Which by my estimates, means I should be able to complete the 1.2 mile swim in about 40-45 minutes, which is a pretty average time. So that's exciting that I might not embarrass myself.

And yesterday, I hit the neighborhood to do my 3.5 mile run, which ended up being 3.75 slow miles (11:14 min/mile pace). But I surprisingly saw lots of people out running, which was kind of nice.

It really feels good to be on the move again.

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