Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Training" Ride

Time: 1:14:32

Distance: 15.800 miles

Average Speed: 12.7 mph

Max Speed: 30.5 mph

Calories Burned: 517.3

Fat Burned: 54.4 g

Nice Tuesday ride with Brett. We've decided we're going to try to do these every Tuesday when the weather is nice, which should be more and more often. I'm excited about these longer rides.

We followed a similar route to the one we did Saturday. By the orchard and then took the Clear Creek Trail. The rain yesterday made the creek nice to ride by as it's a bit fuller than it will be later in the summer. Here's a map and elevation profile of the loop, which I then did in reverse to get to my house around mile marker 7.

I'm so glad I decided to do CycleFit. It has made me way stronger. I would never be able to do these rides without that headstart.

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