Sunday, April 17, 2011

BBC Breaking Away Ride

Time: 3:05:57

Distance: 35.603 miles

Average Speed: 11.4 mph

Max Speed: 32.3 mph

Calories Burned: 1155.9

Fat Burned: 107.9 g

The BBC's Breaking Away ride was awesome! We saw all the main characters' houses, visited the quarries seen in the movie, and saw all the sites downtown and on campus. We even rode on the Little 500 track! It was a really fun ride full of Breaking Away factoids and trivia. The leader of the ride even wore a Cinzano jersey!

Other funny things from today's ride include an older gentleman complimenting me on my rack. He of course, meant my tubus rack, but when I giggled he realized that what he'd said was a double entendre. Also, some frat boys yelled at us "Little 500 was yesterday! But Eric Young says training never stops!" That was mildly entertaining to me. And for those of you not in the know, Eric Young is the "star" of the current Cutters team, who won their fourth consecutive Little 500 race yesterday.

I'm still learning to ride in a group, but I feel that I did pretty well today. And I was mostly not in the slow group. There was one area where I rode with some slower guys because I got separated at a stop light and didn't want to get lost. It's awesome to be able to tell that your riding is improving.

Overall, it was a fun, somewhat leisurely tourist type ride. I'm looking forward to riding with this group some more.

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