Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Training" Ride

Time: 2:02:02

Distance: 26.259 miles

Average Speed: 12.8 mph

Max Speed: 32.1 mph

Calories Burned: 888.9

Fat Burned: 94.2 g

I need to come up with a better title than "Training" Ride. They're way more fun than they are training. I mean, I'm working up to a tour, not a race. Everything about this is fun!

Anyway, here is the link to the ride I did today. Of course, I got a little lost and ended up taking some roads I don't really want to take again. Vernal Pike has lots of awesome cows that hang out right beside the road next to this nice little creek. However, it also is super rough with terrible potholes and pothole patch jobs. My hands took a serious beating. Also, I think I'll stick with wearing my sunglasses even if it's not going to be a serious sun-in-the-face ride. We had some crazy thunderstorms this morning and I got sprayed a bit from the wet roads. I think my eyes will thank me for that little bit of protection. Or I should just get fenders as my legs didn't really appreciate the muddy spray either.

Actually... I think I practically went mountain biking today with all the mud and bumps and stuff! I even had a hill that resembled a mountain (which, I'm only barely ashamed to admit, I had to walk up part of).

I'm glad I ended up buying a cyclocross bike. I'm not sure I'm ready for a dedicated road bike, especially with these types of road conditions. Speaking of... I bought my cross check three weeks ago today and it rolled over 100 miles on this ride. :)

Also, I totally think I can do the Breaking Away ride next week. If I do that and the Hilly Hundred, I'll be like a bona fide Hoosier!

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