Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesdays with Brett

but on Friday... :)

Finally a day without rain! We've had insane thunderstorms everyday for almost two weeks. Complete with hail, tornadoes, and flooding! Today was just about perfect in the upper 60s, sunny, light breeze so we finally got out for a ride!

Time: 1:30:09

Distance: 20.178 miles

Average Speed: 13.4 mph

Max Speed: 31.3 mph

Calories Burned: 686.4

Fat Burned: 77.2 g

We headed south from campus out towards Lake Monroe. We initially planned to shoot for close to 30 miles by including the route in the triathlon I want to do in July, but we decided to cut that off and head back a different way. (I'm sort of glad because that is a crazy hill on Ramp Creek Road! I didn't really want to do it again!) It was an awesome ride though and I was SO HAPPY to be OUT!

Here's a picture I took at an old timey gas station in Smithville.

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