Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesdays with Brett

Better than "Training" Ride?

Time: 1:24:46

Distance: 16.424 miles

Average Speed: 11.6 mph

Max Speed: 30.5 mph

Calories Burned: 543.4

Fat Burned: 52.9 g

We rode a really nice route today out by Cascade Park and Golf Course. Really nice (and smooth!) roads, not terribly trafficked, and nice scenery that follows a creek and playgrounds and the golf course. There is also a cool Buddhist house, apparently run by the Dalai Lama's brother (who lives here in Bloomington). However, that hill by the Buddhist house is sort of insane. I will have to come up with a better strategy of gear changing than I did today. I didn't get low enough fast enough and had to walk it. Next time though... Otherwise it was a pretty slow, mellow ride. I was actually a little cold and wish I had thought to take long sleeves. Spring in the Midwest... so fickle.

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