Monday, August 22, 2011

Run Report

Um... I just ran four miles in forty minutes.

Where the hell did that come from?!?!?

I think I will be an Ironman. Apparently I just need to sit around and watch Netflix and eat pistachios the week before. Or get my boss to load me up with grants to read at work so that I'm chained to my desk chair.

Man, I'm, like, awesome. And full of commas.

But, seriously, for record keeping purposes. I had a couple Honey Stinger Energy chews (I'm buying stock in those things) before hand and used my cell phone to keep an idea of how well I was doing. Approximately:
Mile 1 - 9 min
Mile 2 - 10 min
Mile 3 - 10 min
Mile 4 - 11 min
So I did slow down, but I still felt great and even rode my bike up the hill in the big ring on my way home. I'm pretty excited about that. Especially the running four miles without walking at all and not dying part.

And one day I will be one of those people that can run around in a sports bra without feeling like an idiot that should be wearing a shirt.

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