Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Commute and CycleFit

Time: 31:09

Distance: 6.488 miles

Average Speed: 12.5 mph

Max Speed: 28.5 mph

Calories Burned: 231.4

Fat Burned: 24.8

That's just from the SRSC to my house. I started harvesting my viral prep kind of late in the day and therefore had to scurry to the SRSC to make CycleFit on time.

I am apparently having a blah kind of day. I only burned 394 kJ in CycleFit today. We had a substitute. Her name was Ronnie and she normally does the Little 500 Power Training class. So our workout today was a Little 5 simulation. Sort of interesting with some very intense bursts, but mostly not too bad. Although towards the end I did start having trouble making the cadences. However, for some reason, my bike set up had issues today. My seat felt crooked or something. I felt like I was sitting very heavy on my left side, but could never adjust to get comfortable. It was weird and has never happened before. But do to this, I now have some chafe in a really bad place.

Then on my commute home... stiff headwind. I should be used to it by now. But really I'm just glad it's cooler. I'm really looking forward to fall. Oh, and some old lady yelled "Stop sign" at me while going down first street. Thanks, old lady, but I was going sufficiently slow to stop if there were an actual car coming and slow enough to check that that was not the case. Trust me, I don't set out on my bike to get run over.

And all of this meh-ness may be because I didn't have an afternoon snack. I've mentioned before that I'm learning what to eat and the last couple weeks I've had a gel or a couple energy chews or something before "working out" but didn't have anything today. Not even a piece of fruit. So maybe those things do make a huge difference.

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