Monday, August 1, 2011


I rode in with Seth this morning, but took my bike with me for the afternoon. I'm hoping to not make that a habit.

I rode to the SRSC after work to run. I ran two miles, at a super slow pace. It took almost 24 minutes. I was pretty hungry though as I'd forgotten my afternoon fruit when I left the house this morning and I was really distracted by someone (I could never really figure out who) who apparently had a very gaseous run. So, I ran, but it was a smelly and at a snail's pace. But I have plenty of time to work on it.

Also, I took my cycle computer, but had forgotten to reset the numbers. Approximately, I went just over 8 miles in about 40 minutes. Apparently it was also a very slow cycling day.

Around 3:00, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook. Um, yes, that is a hostage situation happening right on my commute home. Luckily, it was resolved before I left work. Unfortunately, it was a bad situation and I'm sad it happened so close to home.

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