Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lazy Report

I intended to ride with the FOWLS (the new fast OWLS!) yesterday, but then I left my afternoon snack and my Clif Shot Blocks (still experimenting) at home. Plus my neck still hurt and my legs could tell they ran four fast miles on Monday. Also, it's student move-in week for IU and road safety is at a minimum. I've already seen a fair share of people going the wrong way on one-way streets (no joke). So, being the lazy safe triathlete-wannabe that I am, I decided to just go home after work instead.

Well, being lazy certainly paid off yesterday, because twenty minutes after the ride start time we had a pretty crazy storm blow through that I would have hated to be on a bike during. Wind, heavy rain, lightening. Oh, my!

But I really think I may sign up for the Muncie 70.3 2012 half Ironman so that I don't give in to laziness too often.

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