Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Time: 29:43

Distance: 5.920 miles

Average Speed: 11.9 mph

Max Speed: 28.1 mph

Calories Burned: 197.7

Fat Burned: 20.1

We have certainly had some wacky weather this year. July was blazing hot and August apparently thinks it belongs in fall. I almost went back for a jacket this morning. I still ended up sweaty though. Irrepressible need to make all lights possible makes me work too hard in the morning! And doesn't even really work out for me at least half the time. Oh well. This cooler weather is absolutely fabulous.

I may have to change my commute route again. I guess the kiddos are back in school and since my route goes right by Summit Elementary School, I had an interesting section of commute that I may not want to do every day. Although my other option is to go right by Bachelor Middle School. Which would you rather dodge: elementary school kids and their parents or middle school kids and their parents?

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