Saturday, August 13, 2011

HUB Ride for the Hungry

Time: 2:32:20

Distance: 35.161 miles

Average Speed: 13.8 mph

Max Speed: 39.0 mph

Calories Burned: 1253.3

Fat Burned: 141.1

My friend Brett convinced me to do the Hub Ride for the Hungry, which benefits a local food pantry, Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. I saw lots of people I know, and since Brett ended up not actually coming, I rode with John (fellow MRT rider) and some of the OWLS from the BBC (Clair, Allen, and Ron). I had wanted to do the 15 and 25 mile loops and they were planning on the 50 miler, which was two 25-mile loops. So we set out on Loop 1.

This was a nice little loop. Mostly flat, but there was one section of three steep hills in a row that were rough. I can't figure out where they are on the ridewithgps map though. John said they were on Louden Road, but that just shows up as one long hill for some reason. Trust me, there were three. And they were steep. I promise I'm not making them up.

I don't actually have a lot to say about the ride. It was really nice. I almost never ride out that way, so it was a nice change of pace. It's always interesting to ride with people you don't ride with a lot. There were definitely times when I would have liked to be going faster, but men really don't like it when they get passed by a girl. Every time I passed one of them, I felt like they were in a hurry to pass me back. Sort of annoying because then I either had to change how I ride or inevitably pass them back on a hill. I mostly just adapted and tried to keep my place in the group.

Anyway, we made it back and had lunch at the shelter. There was lots of pasta and pizza and bagels. It was really good. I should have eaten more! John decided that he needed to get to other stuff for the afternoon and I didn't put on enough sunblock for 50 miles (and have wristband and glove tan lines to prove it!), so we started the second 25-mile loop and then headed to our respective houses as we approached them.

I have to say that I actually really enjoy riding with John. He's a speedy dude, but I feel that we have similar styles of riding and I have ridden with him enough to trust his judgements on hills and things. I don't have to worry about anything (other than keeping up) when I ride with John. I like that. :)

Overall, I'm really glad I did this ride! What an awesome sense of community they have there. I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew, let alone a whole group of people. Besides the guys I rode with, I saw an old colleague from the Geological Survey and a lady who works in the Biology Stockroom. Also, the dancing parrot from the Farmer's Market was there. It was a great time and a great cause and I'm already looking forward to next year.

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