Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Time: 25:05

Distance: 5.449 miles

Average Speed: 13.0 mph

Max Speed: 29.2 mph

Calories Burned: 183.4

Fat Burned: 20.5

I still felt slow and got a later start than intended. However, I did see a guy walking his dog via skateboard. I couldn't figure out if the dog was really pulling him or not, but he was definitely having a good time. The crazy part is that this was downtown and they were in the middle of the road. I see lots of skateboarders in the road and I'm unsure how I feel about that. However, I just ignore it because I realize many people don't like cyclists in the road either. I don't know what the rules for skateboards are.

And when did rollerblading become popular again? I've seen so many people on roller blades. I feel like I'm back in middle school. Hello, 90s!

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  1. I've seen the guy skating with his dog -- not downtown, but on the new section of the B-line trail somewhere near Grimes. I guess he gets around!