Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long Run Report

Redemption! This week's long run was way better than last week's crappy one.

I didn't really want to get started, but I knew I had a better chance of doing it today than tomorrow, what with all the Halloween festivities going on tonight, so I hit the road this afternoon, after it warmed up a little. I never want to get started, but once I do, I'm generally happy about it. And it was a beautiful afternoon to be out today! I didn't map out a route, which I usually do, and thought I'd just run laps around the neighborhood so that I could stay close to home in case I needed the bathroom or more water or whatever. I was feeling a little blah, but knew that I really needed this run, both the physical training and the mental boost for the half marathon next week.

I did a mile through the neighborhood and decided I'd hit the Clear Creek Trail, even though I don't normally like to run on it so much. Today, it wasn't so bad. I joined up with my favorite B Line Trail and just cruised. I saw lots of families out walking and riding bikes today. I passed an older couple and then ran towards them a couple miles later, after turning around. They were so sweet. They cheered for me. That was about mile 7. I was feeling good. I just ran for fun, wherever I felt like. I eventually found my way back to my neighborhood and was worried I'd be a little short of the 10 miles (It really was an important milestone to me and I really wanted my Garmin to say 10.xx miles. It's a mental thing.) so I decided to run up the giant hill behind my house and get back the long way. It was really painful to run up that giant hill, especially along my backyard where I could just stop and go inside if I really wanted to, but I just told myself it was good training and buckled down and did it. I made it home with 10.04 miles under my belt in 1:46:25 (average pace of 10:36 min/mile).

I feel awesome! I am much more confident about the half marathon next week. I did 10 and I felt like I could do 3.1 more. Woot! Exciting!

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