Sunday, October 9, 2011

Run Report

Long run fail! Ugh.

I was so excited about my new Garmin and testing it out on my Sunday long run.

I even made my husband take some pre-run pictures.

My training plan called for a 10K race this weekend, but there weren't any going on and I'm cheap. However, the Hilly Hundred is next weekend, so I thought I'd switch the 9 mile run scheduled for next week with the 10K for the Hilly Hundred. So the plan was to run 9 miles. I laced up my shoes, put on my Garmin and hydration belt, and donned the bandana of awesomeness (aka get-this-hair-out-of-my-face-now) and I was off.

And four miles later, I was sitting in a parking lot waiting on Seth to pick me up. Fail.

I don't know what happened, but it was hot and I was sweaty and managed to get chafe! It was on the inside of my right thigh and it hurt. I knew I could keep running, but I didn't want it to get worse with the Hilly Hundred next weekend. I definitely don't want to be suffering uphill for a hundred miles with the inside of my thighs burning. So I cut my run short.

But I still got fun data! I'm still figuring out how to make the software do the cool stuff I want it to do, but here's some numbers in the meantime:

Total Distance: 4.08 miles
Total Time: 44:25
Average Pace: 10:53 min/mile
Total Calories: 522 cal

I set it up to autolap every mile. Here are the mile breakdowns (min/mile pace):

Mile 1: 10:20
Mile 2: 10:56
Mile 3: 11:01
Mile 4: 11:11
Mile 5: 11:34

So a little slower than I was hoping, but the first half is all slightly uphill. I was expecting better numbers on the way back. :)

Anyway, I'm still super pumped about my Garmin and am looking forward to using it a lot.

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