Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Run Report

4.23 miles around campus. Average pace a little on the slow side at 10:55 min/mile. Guess my legs are still tired from the Hilly Hundred. Although I have to say that I think there's something to these compression shorts. I slept in them Saturday night and my legs were fine on Sunday's Hilly ride. I didn't wear them Sunday night and they felt tired on Monday. So I wore them last night and while my legs were a little tired today, I think they were much better than they would have been if I didn't wear them. Also, it was 45*F and raining this morning. I was the only runner I saw out! I felt hardcore. I ran around campus today instead of on the track. I thought my shoes would get gross on the track. Campus is a little hilly and I learned that the sidewalks that the sorority houses paint for upcoming events is pretty slippery. But I felt good about getting over four miles in before even getting to work!

EDIT: I finally got the Garmin connect website to work! I have discovered that the average pace my Forerunner displays is different than average moving pace. Maybe I should use the autopause feature? I thought I did okay with pausing at stop lights and stuff, but maybe not? Anyway, my average moving pace was 10:46 min/mile, a little closer to my "normal" run speed. Here's a link to all the info that I'm still working with. I'm so excited about all these numbers!

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