Thursday, October 13, 2011


CycleFit and 6:15 AM do not get along for me. Apparently Wednesdays are a good day for me to work late. I ended up missing Judy's class yesterday. So I decided I'd make it up at way-too-early this morning.

We did a lot of climbing this morning. But it was weird climbing. Instead of adding resistance, we always just spun faster. I didn't like it. Although it could be that I felt miserable since I didn't eat breakfast before I left. I was pretty pitiful within about 15 minutes (bad in a 45 minute class!). I did push the watts up some (made it to Zone 4 a couple times), but not as consistently as I normally do and my recoveries were a much lower wattage than I typically do. I just didn't have enough juice today. I only ended up burning 362 kJ.

Also, it was depressing to go to campus and come back home, all in the dark and rain. And then go back to actually work. Although it was nice to shower in my own shower...

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