Thursday, October 6, 2011

Run Report

Ran my four miles on the track this morning. Fall is my favorite time of year, but it's hard to dress for! At first I was wearing shorts and a tshirt for my run, but thought it was too chilly when I let the dog out so I put on capris and arm warmers. By the time I made it to the track, I knew the arm warmers were too much (although they were nice for the walk over) and by the end of my run, I wished I had stuck with the shorts!

I'm enjoying running with my ipod lately. It makes the track more entertaining and usually if I feel like quitting (which is easy on the track since it's so close to the gym), a good song will come on and reinvigorate me. However, I've just been sticking it in my waistband and it's a little annoying. It slides around and pokes me and my headphones don't stay in well. I'll just add better headphones (maybe with those over the ear thingies) and one of those arm band ipod holders to the wish list.

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