Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Run Report

Treadmills are weird.

I got up super early, had my breakfast (currently addicted to Nutella), and headed to the HPER. I swung by lab first to put my lunch in the fridge and pick up my ipod since I already knew treadmills are boring as hell. My lunch made it in the fridge, but I forgot my ipod. So I had to go back to get it. Made it to the HPER, found the treadmills, and dropped my stuff in the locker room. I made it all the way to the treadmills and discovered I left my ipod in the locker room. Ugh. I ran without it.

I was supposed to run 4.5 miles, but apparently the HPER has classes in that room at 8:00. So about 2.5 miles in (just as I was getting good!), a guy comes to tell me that the room was closing in five minutes! So I cranked it up to 9 min/mile pace and ran fast (for me) for half a mile. It ended up being 2.6 miles in 30 minutes (11:30 pace overall... I started really slow while figuring out the treadmill).

My legs felt really weird when I stopped. Sort of like when I started CycleFit or after walking on land after being on a week long cruise. But I felt good about keeping up that fast pace. I definitely can't do it for many miles (yet), but I am pretty certain I could/should be running harder than I have been. So even though the treadmill is dreadfully boring and the HPER needs to think about their scheduling, I think this was beneficial and I may try to learn to like the treadmill. I think it could help me become a faster runner.

And maybe next time I'll remember my ipod. Now taking suggestions for good running songs!

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