Monday, September 5, 2011

Run Report

I'm apparently not over this lazy thing quite yet. I was supposed to run 5 miles yesterday (my current long run), but instead spent the day on the couch eating pizza with my husband watching Castle on the new plasma screen tv he bought on Saturday (practically a necessity compared to the ancient monstrosity we had been watching, which I'm sure is on its last leg). So I decided I could do my 5-mile long run this morning, since it's Labor Day and parking on campus wouldn't be insane.

So I headed out right about sunrise. It was pleasantly cool this morning. If it had been like this on Saturday, I definitely could have made a century ride. I headed through the neighborhood and hooked up to the B Line Trail. I continued on to the roundabout connection to the Clear Creek Trail. And then it all went downhill. I don't know what it is about the Clear Creek Trail. I can ride my bike on it just fine, but for some reason it is absolutely miserable for me to run on it. A mile seems SO. LONG. Also, I confused myself on the mileage and I thought it had taken me 45 minutes to run 3 miles, but really I had gone 4. So I ended up cutting my run short because I thought I still had two miles to go and it was later than I wanted it to be (even though it's Labor Day, I decided to go to work and didn't want to be too late... even though late was based on my own made up time schedule and not, for example, my boss's). Now I'm mad because I definitely could have run one more mile. And, as soon as I hit the neighborhood and got off the Clear Creek Trail, everything was fine. So I think I just won't run there anymore, even though it's a really nice trail.

I also learned that pomegranate is just not my flavor. I had pomegranate passion Honey Stinger chews this morning before the run and they were pretty gross. I'll stick with pink lemonade. And that sports bra is okay for cycling, but can't handle the pressure of running.

What do people who run in the morning do? Do they eat breakfast? What do I do when it's dark outside? Why aren't there more porta potties placed randomly around town or even just at trail heads? Why is running, a seemingly uncomplicated activity, so hard?

I swear I will eventually not be a wimp. One day.

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