Sunday, September 11, 2011

Run Report

What is it about Sunday morning runs that make them so much better than any other day's run?

It was pretty foggy when I got up this morning and I really didn't want to go out. So my husband made us some coffee and told me to have some food and wait thirty minutes to see if it cleared up. I ate my toast with Nutella (mmmm Nutella) and, sure enough, it cleared up a bit. I laced up my shoes, said "You can do this," and set out for six miles.

Before I even hit the B Line Trail, I saw some ladies who go to my church walking their dogs. I ran by and said hi and realized I missed my turn! So I said Good Morning to them twice and got a little bonus distance. :)

I hit the B Line Trail right behind a group of three girls, so I trailed them for a while, but they continued over the bridge past the roundabout, while I ran around the roundabout and headed back north. Soon, coming towards me, I saw a fast woman wearing what reminded me of an Olympic runner's uniform. A USA tank and bikini type bottom to match. The outfit seemed vintage/retro and she was an older lady. Maybe I was sharing a trail with an Olympic medalist! Even if not, she was inspiring. I hope to be able to run and be active for a long time to come. Finally, around the 4 mile mark, I got passed by a guy who was going a little faster than me. I decided to try to keep up with him. I pushed and stayed pretty close for a mile, but then I headed back towards my neighborhood. He was a good carrot and I tried to keep that pace until I had to go up the huge hill.

I made it home after 6.3 miles in 1:12, an 11:25 pace! My husband was a little surprised to see me and told me I made good time. It was an excellent run. It's nice to have other people out there to help keep it interesting and for little moments of motivation.

I was also thinking about the movie The Spirit of the Marathon, which I watched yesterday. When I got tired, I just thought about running a marathon and becoming an Ironman, and reminded myself that it would be worth it. I recommend this movie. It's on Netflix instant queue.

Finally, I decided that carrying a water bottle for more than 3-4 miles is kind of a PITA. So, I got me one of these today. Can't wait to try it out.

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