Friday, September 30, 2011


Time: 21:45

Distance: 4.935

Average Speed: 13.6 mph

Max Speed: 22.4 mph

Calories Burned: 170.6

Fat Burned: 19.8

Wow, it felt great to commute today! My husband had to drive to a conference today, so I had to ride my bike home. I am very happy about that! It's been too easy to just commute to and from work with him, even though I often have to stay later than I want to. I'm going to make a better effort in October to commute home more. (Too dark to commute in, plus I'm already getting up God-awful-early to go to the gym with Rohini.)

Today's weather was perfect. Chilly, fall weather. I just wore my work clothes, no changing in the bathroom today. It was fantastic. I've missed my bike.

In related news, I'm pretty sure the Hilly Hundred in two weeks is going to kick my butt.

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