Sunday, September 18, 2011

Run Report

Things I learned today:

1. Running shoes are pretty heavy when they're soaking wet.
2. Moisture wicking socks don't do much when they're soaking wet.
3. Rain makes you run faster.

It was sort of drizzly and cold this morning, but said it was going to go away and be nice after 10:00 or so. So, I put off my long run, went to church, spent some birthday money, and watched Toy Story 3. I finally decided to stop being lazy (I mean I already cut both my runs this week in half; there was no way I was going to feel good about not putting in these seven miles.) and headed out. I put on some tight capri length pants and my new fuel belt and set out. Then about two miles in, it started drizzling. Fine, whatever. About another half mile and it started raining pretty good. I persevered. I ran by some graffiti that said "Fake it til you make it." I decided that was a pretty good idea. Soon it was just me and other miserable looking people running on the B Line Trail. I have definitely become assimilated... they all waved at me in mutual hey-we're-hardcore-running-in-the-rain-ness. I was feeling pretty good. I hit the halfway point (3.5 miles, the Grimes St bridge) in 34 minutes. I decided to do some mini-intervals on the way back. For fun. I ran hard from one streetlight to the next, then my normal (slow) pace to the next, and so on.

I'm pretty proud that I sucked it up and did it. In the pouring rain. Seven miles in 75 minutes (10:42 min/mile pace!).

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