Thursday, September 8, 2011

Run Report

Today I finally managed to get up ridiculously early and get out the door to run. I wanted to try out the Woodlawn Track on campus. I arrived and it was still dark with a slight drizzle. It was also fairly chilly, but amazingly, there were a handful of other people out running on the track. I figured I was in good (crazy) company. I set in for my ten laps (4 miles).

Running on the track was pretty nice. It's a very finely crushed gravel track (easy on the joints) which was nice except in one spot where the gravel was a little looser or deeper or something that made me a little nervous. I learned to avoid that spot. Not too long after I started, a girl passed me at a pretty good clip, getting out a "Good job" between breaths. That pretty much made my day and when it got hard around lap 8, I remembered her and kept pushing as I didn't want to let her down (even though she had already left the track). It was also really nice to watch the sun rise over a quiet campus and see it come to life as students made their way to 8am classes.

Getting up early was painful, but I managed to do my 4 miles in 45 minutes, and it was totally worth it. The only thing I would change would be to wear running socks (I ended up with a blister... ouch) and to get a clicker or something because I lose track of what lap I'm on way too easily!

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