Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Run" Report

What a craptastic run. More on that in a minute.

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm feeling pretty old at 26. I'm pretty sure I peaked at like 16 and it's all gone downhill since then. I'm hoping the 30s have something better in store for me.

I am happy though that my husband got me the sparkle heart running skirt that I wanted, as well as some colorful New Balance running socks. We also went out to dinner (Uptown Cafe... the gorgonzola filet was delicious) and I got drunk off my first ever martini at the Serendipity Martini Bar.

So it was a late night and I had a hard time getting up before the sun to run this morning. So this evening, I set out for two 2-mile loops through the neighborhood. I skipped my new skirt for now, but did wear the bright yellow pair of socks I got. However, I have a blister on my left pinky toe and that may not have been the best idea ever. It was hot and I was slow. My toe hurt, my ankle hurt, my hips hurt. And then I got lost. In my own neighborhood. Well, okay, not lost exactly, but I couldn't remember the simple route I had planned out. So I ended up doing most of one loop and then cut it short. 1.9 miles

I need to figure out what to do about blisters.

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