Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I think I am hopefully for reals out of my running slump. I skipped my four-miler this weekend. Serious case of the lazies and a solid sheet of ice covering the whole town made running cross over to the "Things I Definitely Don't Want to Do Right Now" list.

So this morning, feeling guilty, I ran my little heart out on the treadmill. Yes, it was still hotter than Hades in there, but I'm getting better at ladying up and getting it done anyway. I walked 0.25 miles (3.5 mph) then ran 3.25 miles (mostly 0 incline and 5.5 mph, but the last mile I worked hard ramping the incline up to 0.3 and the speed to 5.8 mph, with the last 0.15 at 6.0 mph, no incline), then cooled down with 0.5 miles at 3.5 mph.

I may have mentioned that I love my iPhone. Seriously, I don't know how I lived without it. This morning, running on the treadmill was slightly less awful. I streamed NPR's Ultimate Workout Mix. Better than the same old playlist I normally use (which I love, but start getting tired of after a while). And more energizing than watching Netflix (tried that and it was still boring). Love.

Although now I am like starving today. I did not miss the constant hunger. But maybe I won't die at the IU Mini Marathon.

Also, I think I may sign up for the IU Indoor Triathlon.

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