Thursday, January 12, 2012

At the risk of being redundant...


I'm still sore. So sore I skipped my 3-mile run this morning.

I did the NROLFW Stage 2B yesterday morning and then checked out a free yoga class at the SRSC yesterday afternoon. I really felt like the moves in NROLFW were kind of lame yesterday while I was doing them. Today I can definitely tell they worked. Ouchie.

I really enjoyed the yoga class though. It was a very basic Yoga I series. We mostly just did some sun salutations. I'm doing another free yoga class on Friday, but it's Core Power Yoga. I really want to incorporate yoga into my fitness routine, but I think I'm leaning towards the more stretching and relaxing yoga than the super workout yoga. So we'll see how I like the class on Friday. Either way, I think I'll just do it at home on Friday afternoons, because yoga classes are kind of pricey and I've already signed up for CycleFit and swim lessons. It's not meshing with my other goal for the year of not spending so much money unnecessarily. I can do sun salutations on my own just as well as in a class. And then only the dog will make fun of me when I fall over in tree pose.

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