Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swim Report

I read this funny article this morning while drinking my coffee. She pretty much nailed what goes on in my head when doing any sort of lap, but I have an even shorter attention span in that I can't count past four. I'm pretty sure this is due to the years I spent in band.

Anyway, I thought this alphabet thing was genius, so I tried it this morning. It totally worked! I made it all the way to Z! Only I didn't limit myself to any category. I just thought of whatever I could that started with whatever letter I was on. Sometimes it was people, many times it was food (especially candy products...), and for some reason P started with possum and ended up with all the P elements in the periodic table. There are a lot. I counted lead. And then spent the rest of the lane debating in my head whether or not that was legitimate.

So, clearly that article was meant for me. But I'm quite proud that I swam 650 yards this morning.

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