Saturday, November 12, 2011

IMM Official Photos and Swag

 Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon official photos are up! Brightroom Photography took the pictures. I look pretty stupid in most of mine, especially the finish line photos. Here are a couple proofs:

To the right, still happy
I'm not ashamed to admit I applauded the entertainment. And some of the people cheering for me.
Towards the end, carrying my Garmin. Can you tell my left hand is swollen? I love the look of concern I have.
Falling asleep at the finish line. Seriously, this was the best finish picture. Will work on that for future events!
Half Marathon Medals
 I also managed to forget to put my pictures of the swag on my last post about the IMM. Here's some of the goodies I got:

This thing is red. I don't know why my camera thinks it's orange.

It's a pretty nice medal.

Gender specific shirts!

 I read online that the shirts run small, so I ordered a large. Maybe this was different than last year, but I probably could have done with a medium. I like the shirt though. They also gave us toboggan-style hats, but that thing is in the other room and I don't want to go get it to take its pictures. Also, it's sort of ugly. 

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