Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We did something a little different in CycleFit today. Perfect timing, as I finally recruited someone to come to class and then we switched it up! We did a little warmup and then a 21-minute long race simulation. So we were more or less on our own to "race as hard as we could" for the entire time. Judy did tell us what she was doing, and I think most of us just copied that. I know I did anyway... I ended up burning 442 kJ, but I'm just not good at envisioning racing scenarios. If it were an actual race, I'd probably put forth more effort, but I just can't do it for a pretend race. I much prefer the method she usually cues us on (power zones, perceived effort, or cadence). However, Shelly enjoyed the class and may stick with it! I hope she does. Just because I love CycleFit and want everyone else to love it too. :)

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