Monday, November 14, 2011


I started the New Rules of Lifting for Women this morning. I'm really excited about strength training!

However, Stage 1 is already kicking my butt! This program is going to hurt. In a good way.

I love how this is a quick, simple workout, but you definitely get some bang for your buck. Today's workout was 2 sets, 15 reps of five exercises: squats, pushups, seated row, prone jackknife, and step ups. Given how much I use my legs with the cycling and biking I do, I expected squats at least to be easy. Boy, was that a terrible assumption. I also expected the seated row to be hard since I feel that I have limited upper body strength, but it was very easy and I will definitely have to increase the weight. I'm looking forward to mastering these exercises and really knowing my way around the gym. And getting stronger and leaner in the process.

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