Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Training" Ride

I decided I wanted to do some longer rides on Saturdays to start prepping for my tour this summer. And to get out and explore more of Bloomington and be a better rider in general. I did my very first one today.

Time: 1:05:14

Distance: 14.500 miles

Average Speed: 13.3 mph

Max Speed: 31.7 mph

Calories Burned: 484.3

Fat Burned: 54.2 g

I did a variation of the Bloomington Bicycle Club's Nice and Easy Tramway route. Although there aren't a lot of street signs out that way and I think I actually passed Tramway.

I saw a lot of birds and although it was pretty chilly (37*F, feels like 29*, with winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph), it was fun. I still think I need to work on climbing. I don't think I prep for the hill well enough which makes it harder to get up them. Or maybe hills are just hard... But I think I handled the little traffic I encountered well.

Now to thaw out my toes. :)

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