Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Commute

No numbers today... I left my computer at home. :(

I took it pretty slow today. My left knee was a little sore and it's pretty chilly out. I also didn't pay much attention to time, but I think it was about 6 miles in about 25 minutes or so.

I've been using one of my Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers.

I'm just not sure I like this for commuting. I only use one and it's really uneven, which I don't think is very good. I feel as though I can't handle my bike as well. However, I don't want to even it out by carrying two. That's a hassle and I just don't need that much stuff.

I'm considering switching to the REI Novara brand rack trunk.

Also, my bike was making a weird clicking sound today, but I couldn't really figure out what was causing it. I guess today was just kind of a meh commute day.

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