Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CycleFit and Commute

Holy shit, I'm awesome. I decided to go to CycleFit today since I bought the punch card for the summer sessions and hadn't used it yet and I was hoping it would be cooler for my ride home by the time it was over. I am so glad I went. Best idea I've had all week! Last time I went to CycleFit, I was ecstatic at a PR of 422 kJ burned. Well, here comes the awesome part. I totally blew that out of the water today with 468 kJ burned. I am so happy about how I've been improving. Improvements were also evident in pretty much every exercise we did today. My cadence is still a little slower than it should be (maybe I should think about getting a cadence sensor for my bike...), but otherwise I feel that I am doing quite well. Also, my plan totally worked as my ride home was much cooler. I was also inspired to go as fast as I could up the hills instead of sitting and spinning slowly like I normally do. That turned out to be a good plan too as the thunder started rolling right as I pulled up my driveway.

So, yeah, awesome afternoon for me today. :)

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