Friday, July 8, 2011


Time: 26:28

Distance: 5.411 miles

Average Speed: 12.2 mph

Max Speed: 27.6 mph

Calories Burned: 174.6

Fat Burned: 18.3 g

Had a deer encounter less than a mile from my house. Right after I turned onto the Clear Creek Trail from my neighborhood, it was hiding on the side in the tall grass. I almost didn't even see it. Luckily I did though, and was able to slow down and pass it without it bolting in front of me. Despite the initial fear, it was pretty cool to be like five feet away from a deer.

Showered at the HPER this morning. I think this will work out well. I do, however, have to get a few things to make this process a little easier. But, I feel much better not being so gross at work. :)

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