Friday, July 29, 2011

Commute X2 and Review

Pretty uneventful commute. Still hot. Still humid. Still headwind. All this commuting has me aching for a real ride. I'm making an early date with my bike in the morning. I hope to ride to Chapel Hill. Indiana, that is.

Tentative route here.

Today I packed light and ditched my pannier for the ChicoBag messenger bag that I won. This morning I thought the bag was great! It's light and stylish and held my stuff. I like the magnet closure and the fact that it has a couple zippered pockets for the really important stuff. Also, I was worried about sweatiness, but it wasn't a problem this morning.

This afternoon, however, I had considerable problems with keeping the bag behind me. It kept sliding around and trying to sit in my lap, which is about the last thing you want when battling cars during Friday afternoon rush hour! However, I know that they make a messenger bag stabilizing strap that they highly recommend purchasing if you plan to use your messenger bag as a... messenger bag. I feel that that may help, so I'll look into getting one of those.

However, from this test ride, my bike did feel less weird than it has been, so I'm thinking that the offness I talked about yesterday is due to riding with one fairly heavy pannier. I'll have a better idea after my morning bike date. :)

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