Friday, July 1, 2011


Time: 24:55

Distance: 4.991 miles

Average Speed: 12.0 mph

Max Speed: 29.4 mph

Calories Burned: 155.6

Fat Burned: 16.0 g

Woke up to my alarm clock chanting "TGIF! TGIF!" and some really cool looking clouds. My parking permit expired yesterday so now I have to commute in to work as well as back home everyday, at least until my husband is finished with his stint at Purdue.

I tried to take it easy this morning so I wouldn't get all sweaty, but the humidity really just doesn't make that an option for me, even though I wore shorts and sandals! I swear the other bike commuters I saw this morning weren't sweating, but maybe they live a lot closer to campus than I do. Or I'm a sweaty freak. One or the other. So I think I should discard the shower at home option. Guess I'll locate the showers in the chemistry building sometime today. The other option is ride to the opposite end of campus to shower at the SRSC, which would most likely involve renting a locker, and then ride back down to Simon. More testing will optimize this procedure.

Although I have to say commuting into work is a whole different ride than going home. It's more peaceful. I like it. Also, I saw a stop sign that someone had stuck a homophobia sticker to (looked like a bumper sticker) so that it said "STOP HOMOPHOBIA." A good sentiment for a TGIF!

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