Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gear Up Bike Fit and Commute

I went to my Gear Up Bike Fit at IU Health this morning. Bright and early. Ryan was a really nice guy and seemed pretty knowledgeable about cycling and bike fit and sports medicine in general.

First he had me do a few exercise type things to check my range of motion and basic strength. He also checked how tight my muscles were, particularly my hamstrings and IT bands. Then I got on my bike set up on a trainer. He measured various angles and it turned out my bike was already fit pretty well. He did make some minor changes. Lifted my saddle just a little. Rotated the handlebars just a little.

He did say that I could get a longer stem for my handlebars if I wanted to, but that was minor. He also thinks that my hand and shoulder pain should fix itself with gloves and strengthening my trapezius muscle, which just may not be completely conditioned to road biking yet. So I'm glad I did it, for peace of mind if nothing else, but I guess I was sort of expecting more. Although I won't get the report for another week or so. I'm hoping that has lots of good info in it.

Then I rode my bike to work. No numbers, although I'm pretty sure I did a pretty good sprint on Rogers St. And then I had Bloomington Bagel Company. That roasted red pepper parmesan schmear is to die for. To. DIE. For.

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