Sunday, June 12, 2011

French Lick Ride

Time: 4:02:24

Distance: 53.638 miles

Average Speed: 13.2 mph

Max Speed: 36.7 mph

Calories Burned: 1835.7

Fat Burned: 196.8 g

Here's the route:

Wow, what a great ride! The MRT group (minus Jack) rode out to French Lick "for dinner." I was really glad to get in another long ride before the actual trip next week. I'm way more confident that I won't be left behind.

This ride was beautiful. Indiana really has some nice countryside. Even more beautiful on such a fantastic day weatherwise.

We saw some wildlife. Two deer and a raccoon and some dogs. Yes, we had some trouble with dogs giving chase today. I almost ran over one of them. It seemed no matter how I tried to avoid him, he was right there at me. Luckily no person or dog was injured.

We rode over the new bridge in Williams which gives a fantastic view of the old covered bridge. Williams boasts that it is the longest covered bridge in Indiana.

We also rode by the fancy hotel in French Lick. We snuck inside and snapped a few pictures before they found us sweaty, funny-clothed, non guests.

We stopped at the train station in French Lick to change clothes before dinner. I liked all the trains and the old timey things they had around the station.

Then we had dinner at a Mexican place. Pretty good food to ride 50+ miles for. :)

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