Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I forgot to reset my bike computer so these numbers are only from the 1st and Walnut intersection.

Time: 19:36

Distance: 4.270 miles

Average Speed: 13.1 mph

Max Speed: 23.6 mph

Calories Burned: 174.4

Fat Burned: 20.0 g

I rode home after jumping back on the Couch to 5K bandwagon. I picked back up at week 4 with some friends from work who are training for the ASV 5K. I was pretty happy that I was able to pick it right back up and wasn't dying.

Also, Seth will be spending much of his time this summer at Purdue, leaving me to ride to and from work with all my stuff everyday. I rode home with a loaded pannier today. I felt that I was going really slow, but I really wasn't. I don't particularly like these panniers though. The lack of pockets is really annoying to me. I hate having to undo the whole thing to just put my keys in there. I think I'll try taking my saddle bag too for things like that. Or just stick to the rack trunk. I'll figure it out. But I am looking forward to being a "real" commuter. :)

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