Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today the OWLS did the That's the Pointe route.

Time: 1:29:27

Distance: 22.891 miles

Average Speed: 15.3 mph

Max Speed: 38.5 mph

Calories Burned: 810.4

Fat Burned: 97.0 g

Elevation: +1107 ft/-1165 ft

So it's official that the OWLS are pretty fast. It was a pretty good ride though. Despite the fact that I fell over in the parking lot of Bryan Park! And people saw it this time! And I was half unclipped! And I broke my sunglasses. :( Clipless shoes and pedals are great for many things. Unfortunately falling seems to be one of them. John says it could be my cleats. Apparently Shimano makes both black and silver cleats, which although they look identical, the black ones only clip out one way while the silver ones can unclip in many directions. I have the black ones, which John says he can't operate. So maybe it's not me? Or maybe I'm just still adjusting. Either way, I look forward to not falling in parking lots anymore!

Bike fit related note: My hands didn't hurt as much this ride. My shoulder didn't hurt while I was riding, but sort of hurts now. Could be from the fall though. However, I felt like my seat was too low. I measured it when I got home, and it was lower than the 69.4 mm I had it at before, even though Ryan raised it this morning. I made sure he tightened everything down, but maybe it slid down during the ride? Also, I think he accidentally changed the tilt, because I kept sliding forward. So now I feel like I have to tinker with fit again, even though I just got it done this morning! :-/

Also, I really want a new bike computer for my birthday. Mine turned itself off today and didn't record about two miles! Annoying.

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