Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lloyd's Tropical Bike Tour

Our cruise docked in Key West today and on the agenda was Lloyd's Tropical Bike Tour.

Holy cow, if you are ever in Key West, DO THIS RIDE!

It was the stickiest, tastiest, best thing EVER. We rode around the back streets of Key West, led by Lloyd, sampling tropical fruits, and not only learning about Key West, but actually experiencing it.

Our first stop was Nancy's Secret Garden. Nancy is a 71-year-old lady who has a beautiful rain forest in her backyard full of orphaned parrots she has rescued. Here is Nancy with one of her parrots, who we all got a chance to hold:

Among the foods we sampled today were two varieties of mangoes, coconut, tamarind, and a small, pink fig-like fruit that grew on a bush with huge thorns. Here is Lloyd with his favorite fruit, the mango:

We also cruised around through the neighborhoods and along the shoreline parallel to the amazing turquoise water. Here is Seth along the ocean and me riding through a park:

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